The Rumpus Room is a room in the Haunted Towers in the game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It has a door leading to the Family Room and a staircase of leaves leading to the Botany Lab.


Luigi first enters the Rumpus Room through the Botany Lab by growing a plant that turns into a sort of staircase for him to walk up. He enters through the floor on the right side of the room. Considered one of the strangest and creepiest rooms in the game, Luigi sees a host of unsettling entities. A large doll with a white face and glowing eyes takes the center of attention. When Luigi walks around it, the doll's head follows him. Although it might not be noticeable at first, the head actually unscrews as Luigi walks around the doll. If unscrewed all the way, Luigi will be awarded with a Gem. There are five jack-in-the-boxes around the edges of the room as well. When Luigi interacts with them, a terrifying head on a spring pops out while a sample of music eerily plays in the background. If Luigi selects the correct box to open, several Greenies will pop out. When captured, he can advance on to the next room. One more notable feature of the room in the doll house. A large two-story doll house is in the northeastern corner of the room. One light is on in the house while all the rest are off. Luigi can actually peer in to the lit window as if it was a normal sized window. When he looks through, he sees himself looking in the window from behind. It is unexplainable why this is.

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