The Rump Command is an area in Bowser's body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It becomes accessible once Bowser gets crushed by his own castle. It is where Mario and Luigi go to revive Bowser in situations where he is crushed. In those situations, there is an Emoglobin that allows Mario to save, and two Evoglobins. There are also two boats, that Mario and Luigi board to save Bowser.


In this minigame, Mario and Luigi move left and right in the boats, while shooting adrenaline to fill up a meter. Mario must shoot the red orbs, and Luigi must shoot the green orbs. Blue orbs can be shot by either bro, and must be shot several times. When the meter fills up, a special blue orb appears that shoots red and green orbs. The blue orb must be shot many times. When it gets shot enough times, Bowser gets revived and becomes giant.


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