Not to be confused with the Mario Kart Wii track, Grumble Volcano.

Rumble Volcano is the sixth and the final level of World 5 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Rumble Volcano takes place fully inside the volcano itself.  It has lava and magma flowing out everywhere throughout.


Mario and Kersti enter in the harsh volcano to find the Royal Sticker. Unfortunately, Kersti is eaten by one of Mario's oldest foes: Petey Piranha. Without the ability to Paperize or use the Battle Spinner, Mario must fight his way through the volcano using his own skills alone. He eventually reaches Petey Piranha who is wearing the Royal Sticker on his head and the two get into a fight. Mario defeats Petey Piranha and he coughs up Kersti and Mario takes the fifth Royal Sticker.




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