Rumble Fumble is a 4-player minigame that appears in Mario Party 5. The rumble feature is used in this minigame, although it is optional and not required.


Rumble Fumble takes place on a large bucket with giant floating cleaning tools like a broom and dustpan floating around the outside of it. At the beginning of the mini-game, the characters will huddle around a bucket that contains a Fly Guy at the center of the platform. The bucket will then give off a specific rumble, requiring the characters to memorize it. There are various buckets located around the whole platform, each holding different Mario characters. The characters must look for buckets that contain Fly Guys. They can distinguish the buckets apart by the rumble the buckets give off. If a character chooses a bucket with a Chain Chomp in it, they will be stunned for a brief moment, Likewise, they will be stunned if they choose a bucket that contains a Bob-omb in it. However, the bucket with the Bob-omb will not reappear. There will also be one bucket that contains two Fly Guys in it. The character that finds three Fly Guys first will win the mini-game.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Pick up cup