Rudy the Clown is, as his name states, a giant evil clown and the antagonist of Wario Land 3 and Dr. Mario 64. He appears to be a green colored clown, unlike others mainly colored white.


Wario Land 3

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In Wario Land 3, Rudy lived in a place called Music Box World where Wario falls into and sees a shadowy face staring at him engraved onto the purple wall in the temple. He calls Wario for help as he states he is the god of Music Box World and an evil being trapped him inside of the walls. He also states that Wario must find all five Music Boxes to set him free from the spell. Wario ignores him at first until he states that Wario can keep any treasure he finds and that he shall send him back to his homeworld. Wario then sets of to find the Music Boxes.

When Wario returned with the five Music Boxes, Rudy becomes freed by Wario and turns into his true form, a giant evil green clown. He states that he was trapped by the Music Box citizens and that he used Wario to free himself and that he turned the citizens of the Music Box World into monsters Wario was fighting. Unthankfully, Rudy attempts to destroy Wario, despite Wario's help. Rudy attempts to take over the Mushroom World and the Music Box World and Wario then decides to fight him.

Rudy then attacks Wario with his giant yellow hands, attempting to crush him. He also attempts to grab Wario to squeeze him. If so, Wario has a Game Over and shows wario sleeping(He possibly was dreaming about the whole thing). Wario must avoid Rudy's hands and grab them and swing them at Rudy's face to attack him. After four successful hits, Rudy becomes defeated and the citizens of Music Box World return to their original state and send back Wario to his homeworld along with letting him keep the treasure he found.

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Dr. Mario 64

Rudy reappears as the antagonist of Dr. Mario 64 where he sends his minion, Mad Scienstein to steal Megavitamins from Dr. Mario, due to him having a cold. Dr. Mario and Wario follow the Mad Scienstein to Rudy's castle and defeat Rudy for stealing Dr. Mario's Megavitamins and cure Rudy's cold as well.


  • Rudy wasn't given an official name until Dr. Mario 64. Before then, he was known as the hidden figure. In the Japanese versions of his appearances, Rudy is still referred as a hidden figure.
  • Rudy is the only character in Wario Land 3 that can defeat Wario and result him in a Game Over by using his hands to squish him.
  • Rudy was ripped off by Chortlebot. They have similar clown features.
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