The Royal Stickers are items seen only in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The Royal Stickers are part of the Sticker Comet which was celebrated on the Sticker Festival. However, Bowser came and touched the Sticker Comet which caused it to split into six individual crowns. Bowser kept one for himself while he gave the others to his minions. Mario tried to stop Bowser but was unsuccessful. Mario then meets up with a sticker fairy named Kersti who explains that Mario has to collect the six Royal Stickers in order to reform the Sticker Comet. Mario then goes on a quest to retrieve the six Royal Stickers.


Each of the Royal Stickers have their own unique colors. Five of them are exactly the same shape and size and their colors are: red, orange, purple, blue, and green. The sixth Royal Sticker is unique as it resembles a golden crown.


The Royal Stickers grant the user great power usually changing their size dramatically. It also gives them unique abilites which singles them out from their weaker variations such as splitting into smaller enemies.


Here is the following characters that used the Royal Stickers. Note that all of these are bosses of a certain World:

  • Megasparkle Goomba: Wields the red Royal Sticker at the end of Goomba Fortress. His most noticeable power is to combine with the other Goombas to form a huge Goomba. Is able to turn cone shaped which makes Jump-based attacks useless. Defeated easily with the Fan thing sticker.
  • Tower Power Pokey: Wields the yellow Royal Sticker at the end of Drybake Stadium. His most noticeable feature is his increible feature is his giantic size. The Bat thing sticker makes him a little easier to handle with.
  • Gooper Blooper: Returning from Super Mario Sunshine and wielder of the purple Royal Sticker at the end of Whitecap Beach. His most noticeable feature his is apparent shine. The Sponge thing sticker should be used against him.
  • Mizzter Blizzard: Wields the blue Royal Sticker at the end of Bowser's Snow Fort. His most noticeable feature is his giant Bowser's Snow Statue form. Fire-based Stickers should be used here.
  • Petey Piranha: Another familiar face from Super Mario Sunshine and wielder of the green Royal Sticker at the end of Rumble Volcano. His most noticeable feature is the ability to talk. Can be defeated the same way he was back in Sunshine: By flipping him on his back and attacking his belly button with Jump-based attacks.
  • Bowser: The main antagonist and wielder of the final Royal Sticker at the end of Bowser's Sky Castle. His most noticeable feature is his ability to change his shape each and every time. He can be defeated once and for all with the supercharged Battle Spinner which allowed Mario to attack five times in the same turn.