Royal Raceway (Peach Circuit in Japan) is the third course in Star Cup of Mario Kart 64 and the second course in the Banana Cup of Mario Kart 8. It is Princess Peach's course, because the word "royal" actually means Princess Peach.

Mario Kart 64

The course takes place around a big lake, making it easy for the player to fall in. There is a huge jump over the lake in a section of the lake. If the character goes off track after the jump, they can see and go around Princess Peach's Castle as it is seen in Super Mario 64.

The Award Ceremony also takes place here, in front of Princess Peach's Castle.

Mario Kart 8

The course returns in Mario Kart 8 as the third course in the Banana Cup, where it has taken a dramatic change in appearance. The long jump section is now a gliding pad, which allows players to glide over the large gap. There are also a bunch of hot-air balloons based on Princess Peach's, Princess Daisy's and Rosalina's dresses, like in Daisy Hills  from Mario Kart 7 . There are also cherry blossom trees like in Mario Circuit from Mario Kart 7. The road leading to Peach's Castle is now blocked off, unable to be driven around like in the original. Also, the design of Peach's Castle and the area around it are now completely different from Super Mario 64.


Concept art of Dream Quest Images.


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