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Bah! Grow a spine, Larry! He only cares about himself! He'll ever appreciate or respect us. I'm over it! Work it out, kid!
Roy, Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Roy Koopa, or simply just Roy, is the second largest of the Koopaling children, behind Morton Koopa Jr.. His signature is his pair of red shades.


Magic Wand: Like most Koopalings, he can shoot magic out of his wand, Roy's magic color is purple, and the spell requires little effort to fire.

Ground Pound: Roy can ground-pound, creating an earthquake that stuns and paralyzes everyone else on the ground, similar to Morton Koopa Jr.

Bill Blaster: Roy can fire Bullet Bills from his double-sided Bill Blaster.


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  • Roy was named after American musician, Roy Orbison, who was almost always seen wearing sunglasses. [1]


  1. How A Mario Character Was Named After Motorhead's Lemmy


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