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Bah! Grow a spine, Larry! He only cares about himself! He'll ever appreciate or respect us. I'm over it! Work it out, kid!
Roy, Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Roy Koopa, or simply just Roy, is the second largest of the Koopaling children, behind Morton Koopa Jr.. His signature is his pair of red shades.


Magic Wand: Like most Koopalings, he can shoot magic out of his wand, Roy's magic color is purple, and the spell requires little effort to fire.

Ground Pound: Roy can ground-pound, creating an earthquake that stuns and paralyzes everyone else on the ground, similar to Morton Koopa Jr.

Bill Blaster: Roy can fire Bullet Bills from his double-sided Bill Blaster.
Roy in tower

Roy in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


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Super Mario Bros. 3

Roy Koopa

Roy Koopa as seen in Super Mario Bros. 3

Roy makes his debut with his siblings, and is the fifth boss of the game. He is found on his airship in Sky Land. It takes three stomps on the head to defeat him. He is one of the two Koopalings who can cause earthquakes, the other being Ludwig.

Super Mario World

Roy is the fifth boss at Forest of Illusion. He is fought in the same way as Morton except the walls will close in a bit every time the player stomps on his head. He is defeated when the player stomps on him thrice.

Super Mario World Roy

Yoshi's Safari

Roy is the seventh boss in this game, appearing in Float Castle I. He will fly down in a hot-air balloon machine. First, shoot off its arms and one cannon. Then it will reveal six more cannons which also must be shot. When the balloon's carriage goes down, Roy appears. Defeat him and you receive the Ruby gem.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii


Roy Koopa's artwork from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Unlike his past appearances, Roy appears in World 2. In his Tower battle, Roy will jump about and ground pound. If Mario is on the ground when Roy comes down, he'll be stunned and paralyzed by the shockwave. Roy's magic is purple in color. Like most other bosses, three stomps on the head will defeat him. In his castle, Kamek magically brings down pipes that Roy can use. Roy will jump into a random Warp Pipe and, when Mario is right below him, jump down from it and ground pound. Mario has to avoid both the earthquake and Roy falling from the pipes. After three stomps, Roy is defeated.

Other appearances

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  • Roy was named after American musician, Roy Orbison, who was almost always seen wearing sunglasses. [1]


  1. How A Mario Character Was Named After Motorhead's Lemmy


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