"We have lots of rare Badges, so take a verrrry close look."
― Rhuff

Rowf's Badge Shop is a location in Paper Mario. Located in Toad Town, this badge shop is run by Rowf and his son Rhuff. Here Mario can buy various badges for prices ranging from fifty to 200 coins.


Each time Mario visited the shop, there will be three badges available. The badges are placed at random, but some can only be purchased after the Calculator has been returned.

Badge Price
All or Nothing 100
D-Down Pound 75
Damage Dodge 150
Dodge Master 100
Double Dip 100
First Attack 100
FP Plus 150
Group Focus 100
HP Plus 150
Jump Charge 50
Mega Quake 200
Multibounce 75
S. Smash Charge 100
Sleepy Stomp 75
Speedy Spin 50
Spin Smash 75

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