"Pretty spectacular shop, huh?"
― Rowf

Rowf is a character in Paper Mario. Found in his badge shop, Rowf is a Doogan who running a badge shop. He appears with his son, Rhuff, who follows him wherever he goes.


Rowf is always seen at his badge shop and will sell Mario different badges every time he leaves the area and comes back. During Chapter 4, a Shy Guy had taken Rowf's Calculator and, without it, Rowf won't be able to sell Mario and badges as he needs his calculator to help keep him keep track of his sells. After Mario manages to retrieve his calculator from Shy Guy's Toy Box, Rowf will give Mario the I Spy badge allowing him to pick up on hidden items.

During the ending parade, Rowf and Rhuff can be seen walking in it carrying large bags on their backs but in the opposite direction. They were stopped by Moustafa and a couple of Nomadimice. It was unknown if Moustafa and the Nomadimice were telling Rowf and Rhuff that they were going in the wrong direction but after their conversation, they continued on with Rowf and Rhuff continuing to head in the opposite direction of the parade.