The Roving Racers are a quartet of Koopa Troopas in Super Mario Odyssey. After defeating Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, a green Koopa Troopa wearing a cap, along with a rankings board will appear in every kingdom, so the player can compete in a Koopa Freerunning mini-game (with the exception of the Cloud Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Dark Side and Darker Side). The player must win the race by managing to reach the shining beacon at the end to receive a Power Moon.

After winning the Regular Cup, the player can compete in a second race in the more challenging Master Cup to receive a Power Moon, though this version is much harder then the original, as a golden Koopa replaces the purple one, and will mostly use shortcuts to reach the goal.

The colors of the Roving Racers are blue, green, red and purple and all four wear hats the same colors as their shells. Though as said, a golden Koopa will replace the purple one in the Master Cup race.

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