Rosie is a minor character that appears in Paper Mario. She is red rose who lives in Flower Fields.


She is a very snobbish character and thinks she is the prettiest out of all the rest of the flowers in Flower Fields. Even when Flower Fields was in danger with her fellow flowers needing help, Rosie could care less what happens and can only think of herself and her own beauty.


Rosie is found at the end of the hedge maze where she was holding the Water Stone that is needed to bring back the water in Lily's pond. Even though Rosie does show a little concern for Lily, Rosie is not giving up the Water Stone easily and will only trade a prettier item for it. Mario must talk with Posie and get the Crystal Berry from her and Rosie will find the Crystal Berry even prettier than the Water Stone and quickly trades the items. Rosie is seen holding the Crystal Berry for the remainder of the game.