The Rose Town Innkeeper is a character that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


The Rose Town Innkeeper is a female Toad that has yellow stripes on her head.


The Rose Town Innkeeper runs the Inn of Rose Town and it also serves as the home for her and her son Gaz. Eventually, Mario walks into the Inn but accidentally gets knocked out by Gaz's Geno doll. The Innkeeper then brings Mario upstairs into one of the beds to rest. Next morning, the Rose Town Innkeeper is seen arguing with Gaz with Gaz insisting he saw his Geno doll walk toward the Forest Maze. The Innkeeper, however, does not believe him. Even after it was confirmed that Geno is real, the Innkeeper simply believes it's someone in a costume. The Innkeeper will also allow Mario to stay at her inn for free as thanks for being nice to her son, Gaz.