Rose Town is a place that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is most notable for where Geno is brought to life and is where Mario can acquire the Lazy Shell weapon and armor (though the armor also works for other characters).


Rose Town is a fairly large town that is located near the Forest Maze. It also has many buildings including an Inn where Gaz and Geno live and the house where Mario can go to reach the Lazy Shell items.


As Mario first enter Rose Town, he notices arrow-like enemies raining down from the sky and landing on the citizens causing them to not move. Mario then decides to enter the nearby Inn where he meets up with Gaz and his mom. Gaz encourages Mario to play dolls with him and Gaz chooses the Gend doll. However, he uses Geno's Star Shot move and Mario gets send flying backwards and gets knocked out. Late at night, a mysterious light covers the Geno doll and it wakes up and walks away. Gaz then tells Mario that he saw Geno walk into the Forest Maze. Mario, along with Mallow, decide to follow him.