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Ropey Rampage is the second level of Kongo Jungle and Donkey Kong Country. This level is preceded by Jungle Hijinxs and succeeded by Reptile Rumble.

Collectibles and Secrets

K-O-N-G Letter Locations

  • K: On the highest platform seen directly next to the start of the level, there is a Kritter on it and right next to it is the letter K above the end of the ledge.
  • O: After swinging from the second rope in the level, there are two connected trees and the letter O is above the second one.
  • N: Oddly, there are two letter Ns in this level. The first can be found at the end of the exit of the first Bonus Level. The second can be found before the first Zinger in between two ropes.
  • G: Next to the level exit, there is a letter G on top of the tree next to the exit of the level.

Bonus Levels

  • At the right-hand side of the letter O, the monkeys must drop down a ledge into a Barrel Cannon that shoots the two monkeys into a Bonus Level located inside a cave. Despite this, the scenery has a background-related theme. In this bonus levels, the two monkeys must scale ropes while they collect bananas on the ropes. At the end of this bonus level is the letter N. When the monkeys are shot out of the bonus level, the two are shot past ropes and a lone Zinger.
  • Next to the level exit sign, there is an abyss. Here, the two monkeys must jump into the abyss with a Bonus Barrel below to lead the two into a Bonus Level. In this Bonus Level, there are four barrels and an Extra Life Balloon which continuously moves between the four barrels. Each time it moves, it goes a bit quicker. As the balloon stops, the two monkeys must guess which barrel holds the balloon prize. If the two guess correctly, they are awarded with the Extra Life Balloon. If not, the two exit the level without a prize.

Warp Barrel

Exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version of the game, the Warp Barrel can be found directly above the first red leaf right next to the first rope in the game. This Warp Barrel leads the player to the exit sign on a ledge next to the second Bonus Level.

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