Rollodillo is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is fought on a small planetoid in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy.


Rollodillo is similar to an armadillo (which his name is a pun of) that has rock-like armor. It also has blue skin.


In this battle, Rollodillo mainly attacks by rolling around on the planetoid attempting to crush Mario. In order to defeat him, Mario use transform into Rock Mario and dash into is weak spot which is his behind. If Mario does this two more times, then he will be victorious and the Power Star will be his.



  • "Rollodillo" is a combination of the words roll and armadillo.
  • Rollodillo shares his boss theme with Sorbetti, Prince Pikante, and Peewee Piranha.
  • Rollodillo's face resembles Venusaur's.

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