Rolling Ride Run is the third level of World Star in Super Mario 3D World.


It has many rolling cylinders which you run across to defeat the level. There are also a lot of Conkdors in your way.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: In a purple mystery box early on in the level, keep running right doing a bit of platforming and reach the star.
  • Green Star 2: On a group of rolling platforms, run on the small cylinder attached to the big one. rotate it until the star appears.
  • Green Star 3: Bring a double cherry (from a hidden block, go towards the camera from the second line of Blurkers, or by going behind a Conkdor to the right of there) or use multiplayer on a 2-character lift for the star. You can also just obtain it with the cat suit.


Rolling Ride Run Stamp.png

When you reach the third line of pink blobs, go towards the camera as Rosalina for the stamp.

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