Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is the first galaxy in the game to be themed around the Star Ball. This galaxy uses an arts-and-crafts theme that is shown through its planets, and the name "Masterpiece". It is located in World 3.


Silver Chomp Grudge Match

You have to make it through the planets in the galaxy on a Star Ball. Challenges include a Flipswitch puzzle, and a section similar to Puzzle Plank Galaxy that requires you to move fast. At the end you reach a Silver Chomp, who acts as a miniboss. You have to push the Silver Chomp off the platform to defeat him and travel over to the Flagpole and beat the mission.

Prankster Comet: Masterpiece Speed Run

This is only accessible, unless already completed, when a Speedy Comet is in orbit. It is similar to the previous mission, except the star must be collected in 2 minutes. In addition, the Wood Chainsaw section has been removed, and replaced with a long green planet with lots of holes to fall into.

Green Star Missions

Both of the Green Stars can be found in Silver Chomp Grudge Match.

Green Star 1

The first Green Star is found off to the side by the rising platform. You have to be careful on the edge so you do not fall when trying to pick it up.

Green Star 2

The second Green Star is found on the Silver Chomp's Planet, above the top-left corner.


Starting Planet

This planet is small, and has the Star Ball in its center. There is a Bill Board on this planet which teaches you how to use the Star Ball. On a stone ledge is a hole which launches Mario and the Star Ball to the next planet.

Masterpiece Planet

This planet is a colorful sphere broken into four different color areas: red, blue, green, and yellow. There are plenty of paintbrushes sticking out of this planet which act as walls. Mario must navigate this maze-like planet to find a key in the green area, which then opens the next Star Ball launcher in the red area.

For some reason, the key is moved to the blue area in Masterpiece Speed Run, presumably to make the challenge harder.

Assembly Block Area

This area starts with a planet that looks like a palette, and this has a Checkpoint Flag on it. North of this, Assembly Blocks will make a path for the Star Ball to follow. They branch at a certain point, with one path leading to an optional 1-Up Mushroom and one leading to an elevator. The elevator slowly rises up to the Flipswitch Area, and there are three Goombas on this elevator.

Flipswitch Area

The elevator takes you here, and it is six Flipswitch Panels laid out next to each other. Once the panels are all turned green a ruler appears and takes Mario to the Wood Chase Planet.

Wood Chase Planet

This planet is eerily similar to a segment in Puzzle Plank Galaxy, being made out of wood and having chainsaws that cut up the platforms. The Comet Medal and a Checkpoint Flag reside here, as well as a ? Coin that spawns Star Bits.

Silver Chomp's Planet

This planet is flat and colorful, and a Silver Chomp awaiting in the center. The Chomp and Mario will try to push each other off of the platform. If Mario succeeds a ruler appears to take Mario to a bunch of large pencils which break the Star Ball, and Mario can climb a flagpole to obtain the Power Star. In the Speedy Comet, these pencils will disable the Speedy Comet's timer in addition to breaking the ball.

Honey Grass Planet

This planet only appears in the comet mission. It is a lengthy green planet with plenty of holes to fall into and Bob-ombs. The Bob-ombs will push the Star Ball so Mario must be careful when navigating it.


  • In the first mission, it is impossible to die on the Masterpiece Planet.
  • The Starting Planet as well as the Honey Grass planet found in the Speed Run resemble two planets found in the Rolling Green Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • The Silver Chomp's Planet is not in the same spot in the second mission, it has changed position for some odd reason.