The Rolling Gizmo Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the Trial Galaxies.


Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets

For this mission, Mario must roll the star incased in a glass ball all the way to the mechanism at the end of the galaxy. However, the course is very treacherous as there are numerous of ramps and gaps that can throw Mario off course. If he manages to make it to the end and break the glass ball, he is then awarded with the Power Star that Mario freed from the Glass Ball.


  • In the first area, if the player goes right next to the still upright bridge without the star ball and goes into first person view, they see a lot of blue Star Bits. If the player gets on top of the bridge (by backflipping off a block and wall-jumping off of the bridge) and goes into first person view on the edge of the bridge and looks down, it is revealed that the group of blue star bits is in the shape of a Rupee (currency in The Legend of Zelda series). Knocking down the bridge makes the star bit cluster disappear.