"Count how many characters are milling about. Whoever is right when roll call comes, wins!"
― Game Rules

Roll Call is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 2.


The object of Roll Call is to count a specific number of characters from the Mario series. These characters could be Toads, Bob-ombs or Boos. Obstacles are also present in the field where the characters are. If the counters are counting Toads, they must be aware to not count the actual toadstools among them. If the counters are counting Boos, certain Boos may appear or vanish at any time. If the counters are counting Bob-ombs, certain Bob-ombs may detonate and crates, with a logo of a Bob-omb, are hidden among them. If all counters have incorrectly determined the actual number of each character, then the minigame shall be declared a draw.


  • A Button - Plus 1
  • B Button - Minus 1
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