Rogueport is a fictional town in the Mushroom World, seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Rogueport is shown to be a port city completely surrounded by a greater world being a part of the Mushroom Kingdom. As its name implies, Rogueport is a criminally run town with two gangs and multiple bandits. The West side is run by the Pianta Syndicate, and is home to the Pianta Parlor . This area of town is generally classier than the rest of Rogueport, with nice houses owned by some of the richer citizens, and a flower garden with a fountain. However, the East side is the West side's polar opposite. The East side is Robbo turf, and appears to be very dirty and run-down in comparison to the West side. The South side of town is home to the port itself, and sailors of all races can be seen roaming near the docks. The train station is located in the northernmost section of Rogueport, and is one of the stops for the Excess Express. Next to the train station is the stop for the blimp that travels between Rogueport and Glitzville. The center of town just north of the port is the main square where most of the businesses are located. There is a shop, a bar, an inn, a badge store, and the home of Zess T. The wall of the alleyway behind the buildings is covered with tags, adding to the overall criminal atmosphere of the city. The alleyway is also a hiding spot that some of the shady characters use, including a bandit that steals Mario's money during the beginning of the game. In the center of the main square, there is a wooden structure with a rope hanging from it, presumably to hang criminals, that is directly above the Thousand-Year Door.

Parts of the city

The Sewers

The Rogueport Sewers are long tunnels of piping stretching several feet below the surface. There is also a small town down there with a shop that sells rare items such as Ultra Shrooms.

Name origin

Rogueport comes from two words: Rogue and Port. A rogue is a criminal or ruffian, and a port is a seaside town. Rogueport follows both paths.


Rogueport, Town of Thieves


  • Rogueport is very similar to Toad Town in Paper Mario. Both are seaside cities, both have a ruined sewer under them, both of them are hubs, and both of them have an inn, an item shop, and a badge shop. The only difference is that Rogueport has high crime, and Toad Town has low crime. Despite their similarities, Toad Town seems to be much larger than Rogueport.
  • Rogueport's main theme is remixed and used for the S.S. Flavion part of the Paper Mario stage in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.
  • There was a house that depicted a murder scene with splotches of blood on the floor. In the American version, this was removed.