The Rocky Wrench is a mole like enemy that is commonly found in the airship levels in Super Mario Bros. 3. They pop up out of manhole like coverings beneath the ship's deck and throw wrenches at Mario. They are defeated by a stomp on the head when they are above ground.

Toad refers to Rocky Wrench as "Mr. Rocky Wrench" in the episode of the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon, Up Up and a Koopa.

Mario Kart series

Rocky Wrenches appear in the Airship Fortress in Mario Kart DS. They attack enemies by throwing wrenches; allowing your kart to get hit will result in it spinning out of control upon contact. The graphics are not good enough to show them throw wrenches. When they pop up from their portholes you and trip over them. They are on the deck of the ship, right after the Bullet Bills. They have goggles, like Lakitu, and may be related to Monty Moles. They have large whiskers and make squeaky sounds.