The Rocket Nozzle is an item in Super Mario Sunshine that Mario can find and use in each of the worlds, and can eventually unlock in Isle Delfino Plaza to access places such as the Warp Pipe to Pianta Village. It launches Mario straight up in the air from wherever he is standing once it is fully charged, though each charge consumes some water from the F.L.U.D.D. pack.

In order to obtain the rocket nozzle, Mario chases down Shadow Mario who is holding it on the rooftops by the lighthouse after he has collected 30 Shine Sprites. He'll run around the entire town. He drops it upon being sprayed enough. With the Rocket Nozzle, Mario can use the Super Ground Pound which is used to break certain objects. The Rocket Nozzle is also the main nozzle used to help defeat Bowser in the final battle.


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