Robokremlings, also called Robo-Kritters and Krobots, are mechanical Kremlings that appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are most likely created by King K. Rool and they can only be found in the level Frantic Factory.


Robokremlings are commonly seen walking around patrolling a certain area. Robokremlings are very durable enemies as regular attacks cannot defeat them. The only way to defeat Robokremlings is to either throw oranges at it, use the Blast move, or to play a musical instrument. After a Robokremlings has been defeated, it will give up two melon slices.


  • Robokremlings are one of two enemies in the game to give up two melon slices when they are defeated. The others that does this are Koshas.
  • Sometimes, a Robokremling may stop and rewind itself before walking around again. This is a perfect chance to either throw an orange at it or run past it.
  • Robokremlings are the most common enemies in Frantic Factory.