The RoboBrood (メカブルード , Lit. Mecha-Brood?) is a giant robot piloted by the four Broodals. It appears as the boss of Bowser's Kingdom and Dark Side in Super Mario Odyssey.


The RoboBrood is similar to the Power Rangers mech since it is piloted by four entities.

The RoboBrood's main body is a large cube that appears to be made of wood. On its front is a large cannon in the likeness of Madame Broode and on the other sides are domes where the Broodals ride. Spewart rides in the right-hand dome, Rango in the left, Harriet on the top, and Topper in the back. The RoboBrood's underside has two large legs that are usually covered in metal armor. It also appears to have paper lanterns hanging from it, fitting the Japanese-style kingdom it is first fought in.


Bowser's Kingdom

The RoboBrood is first encountered when Mario makes his way to the top of Bowser's castle and Bowser knocks him into a circular arena. It attacks by stomping around and shooting bombs from its cannon. Along with the bombs, it will fire a Pokio, which Mario must Capture. Mario can then destroy the armor on RoboBrood's legs either by pecking it or by knocking bombs back at it. Once the armor on one leg is destroyed, the robot will fall onto its left side, allowing Mario to climb up and attack Spewart's dome to knock him out.

RoboBrood will then get back up and restore its armor, which must be broken again to knock it onto the right so Rango can be defeated. After this, RoboBrood will use two new attacks, the legs become invincible and charging at Mario and shooting discs that spin around the arena.

Once again, a leg must be disabled to cause RoboBrood to kneel down so that Hariet can be attacked. Once the process is repeated a final time, RoboBrood falls on its "face", allowing Mario to defeat Topper. Once all of the Broodals are knocked out, RoboBrood falls apart in a series of explosions.

Dark Side

The RoboBrood appears again as the final boss of the Dark Side, encountered when Mario makes his way to the top of the tower. This time, it does not release Pokios and Mario must instead take control of a nearby Hammer Bro. Otherwise, the fight is the same.


  • The RoboBrood is one of two bosses in Super Mario Odyssey that is defeated in more or less than three phases, going down in four phases. The only other bosses that shares this trait is the Mecha Wiggler, which goes down in two phases, and Topper, who goes down in two as well (first battle only).