The Robo-Drilldigger is the first giant boss fought in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the alternate form of the Dream Stone Soul after he was angered into a fight by Mario and Dreamy Luigi.


The Robo-Drilldigger is a large robot that has many gears that connect him. He also has two large drills for hands.


In battle, the Robo-Drilldigger mainly uses attacks by ramming into giant Dreamy Luigi. He can also use tornadoes to attack that can deal multiple damage.


  • Whirlwind Blast: Robo-Drilldiger will start spinning and create a tornado around itself and start sending whirlwinds at Dreamy Luigi.
  • Gear Shift: Robo-Drilldiger can change forms: his normal form, his land form or his air form.
  • Energy Ball: Robo-Drilldiger will get back and charge a ball that can make a lot of damage on Dreamy Luigi. he has to use the hammer to send back at the robot.
  • Big Tornado: Robo-Drilldiger having enough of the dream pair charges a big sand tornado that the robot will hide itself. Dreamy Luigi has to pay attention on where the robot might be hiding.if Dreamy Luigi misses the robot, it will send the tornado towards Luigi and send hin into the air and land hard on the ground.


Most of the Robo-Drilldigger's attacks can be easily blocked away. Whenever a tornado appears in the background, Dreamy Luigi should swipe his hammer to knock the large robot into it causing damage. Once enough damage is done, Dreamy Luigi and Mario and use the finishing blow to destroy the Robo-Drilldigger.

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