Robin is a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series. They are from the Fire Emblem series.

Non-canon appearances

Super Smash Bros. 4

Smashpedia article: Robin (Super Smash Bros. 4)

Robin appears as a playable character for Super Smash Bros. 4. He is introduced in the same trailer that Lucina is. His moves tend to use his tomes and Levin Sword, though these can be exhausted and have their energy restored over time. His Special Moves are as follows:

  • Standard Special Move: Thunder. This move functions like Samus Aran's Charged Shot. Robin charges energy from his thunder tome. As the move charges, the thunderbolt deals more damage. At full charge, the move becomes Thoron, which is very powerful and hard to dodge. This can be customized into Thunder+, whose power is boosted but breaks the tome faster, and Speed Thunder, which charges faster but does not deal as much damage. Keep in mind that the thunderbolt can be reflected, pocketed, and/or absorbed.
  • Up Special Move: Elwind. Robin fires two green energy blasts downward and launches upward from the recoil. This move can be customized into Soaring Elwind which provides better vertical recovery while hurting his horizontal recovery and Gliding Elwind which does vice versa. The default version can meteor foes. Due to their nature as projectiles, the blasts can be reflected or pocketed.
  • Side Special Move: Arcfire. Robin summons fire which appears above his head. The fire travels forward and then blows up upon contact with the ground, creating an explosion similar to Ness's PK Fire. The fireballs can also be pocketed, reflected, or absorbed. This move can be customized into Firewall, which has reduced range but is more powerful and can block projectiles, and Arcfire+, which is slower but deals more damage.
  • Down Special Move: Nosferatu. Robin creates vortexes which drain the life force of a foe who got caught in front of him, while also healing himself. This can be customized into Distant Nosferatu, which has more range but is weaker, and Goetia, which is more powerful but has no healing effects.

When he uses his Final Smash, Robin pairs up with Chrom. This technique is called "Pair Up". The duo attack their target for big damage. The attack is similar to Ike's Great Aether, though this does not carry Robin, making him safe from a Self Destruct.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The male and the female Robin both appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with every veteran. He retains his moves from before, but it did not stop him from using Pair Up that Chrom became a playable character in his own right.

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