The Rightside Down Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It focuses on flipping gravity up and down in a 2D environment. This galaxy is the first one to use the Fire Flower. It is located in World 1.


Breaking the Laws of Gravity

In this mission, Mario must get through areas where gravity switches back and forth. Obstacles like Thwomps get in the way. The Power Star is surrounded by gravity changes, causing Mario to go in a square-like formation.

The Great Crate Incinerator

Not too long after beginning the stage, there is a Warp Pipe on the ceiling, which can be accessed by flipping a switch, causing the gravity to make Mario walk on the ceiling. Once getting into the Warp Pipe, there is a room full of crates. In the middle of it is the Fire Flower, which transforms Mario into Fire Mario. After turning into Fire Mario, he must destroy crates using Fire Mario's Fireballs. Once finished (noting the next Warp Pipe is under a crate, and that there are coins in other crates and a 1-Up Mushroom in one crate), Mario will enter another Warp Pipe. This takes him to Gearmo's Trash Planet. After Mario talks to the Gearmo, which says that it is sick of "all this trash," it asks Mario to destroy all the trash crates in 20 seconds with the Fire Flower. After Mario does so, he is rewarded with a Power Star.

Green Star Missions

Both of the Green Stars are found in the Breaking the Laws of Gravity mission.

Green Star 1

Just after the Fire Flower Section, above the Checkpoint Flag, there is the Green Star. Mario will have to go to the Green Pathway Section, and drop onto the Green Star from above to collect it.

Green Star 2

At the very end of the level, hop on to the last Thwomp that you see. You will be raised up into a secret area with a ton of Star Bits. Hop over to the crystal where Green Toad is, and backflip and spin to get Green Star 2.


Most of the galaxy is one giant 2D planet, so it is broken into sections.

Starting Section

When you start any mission in this galaxy, you start by spawning on a Warp Pipe on a small 3D planet, which then takes you to this section. Mario must fall a long distance while dodging Paragoombas, and then get to an area with gravity arrows. There is a lever here which changes the gravity to point up. Mario can then beat a Prickly Piranha Plant to go to the next section.

Moving Platform Section

After the Starting Section, here is an area with moving platforms and new changes in gravity. Mario must be careful when crossing these. Below the platforms is a hidden teleporter. After hitting another lever, the gravity changes again so now the platform that lifted you up to the lever now brings you down to a new area. This area is very dangerous, with rolling Chomps and Thwomps. The Comet Medal is in an alcove above one of the two Thwomps.

Fire Flower Section

This area is littered with big crates which impede Mario's progress. Fortunately Mario can just wall jump to a Fire Flower and break the boxes that way. There are more gravity swaps thrown into the mix. At the very end of it lies Green Star 1.

Green Pathway Section

Now the gravity points so the camera is at a birds-eye perspective. There are a lot of Goombas and some moving platforms along here Mario must watch out for.

Final Thwomp Section

The gravity shifts back to normal, and Mario must outrun six Thwomps that slam into the ground one after another. Green Star 2 is above the last ones. Once Mario does this there is a gravity room that loops around in a circle. The Power Star is in here, and Mario should spin at the right time to obtain it.

Secret Crate Room

This is the room that is accessed via the hidden Warp Pipe at the start. In its center is a Fire Flower, with four diagonal rows of three boxes in each corner. There are coins and a 1-Up Mushroom in them. The top-right row contains an orange Warp Pipe leading to Gearmo's Trash Planet.

Gearmo's Trash Planet

There are lots of boxes in a symmetrical formation here, and a Gearmo that wants you to burn them all in a minigame. You have 20 seconds to use the Fire Flower to burn them all, and if this is done you are rewarded with a Hidden Star. If this is not completed in time, the Gearmo allows Mario to try again with no death consequence.