Ridiculous Relay is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 3.


Ridiculous Relay pits one character riding on a glider against three characters riding in different machines across the water. The lone character will maneuver a glider at the top of the screen, and must avoid various Paragoombas and Bullet Bills that are flying in the opposite direction. If the character on the glider is hit by one of these Mario enemies, they will be knocked backwards and be stunned for a few seconds. While they are stunned, they will be invincible to the other enemies. The team of three characters are required to operate three different mobiles. The first character must paddle a Koopa Shell by pressing A + B alternatively. Once they reach the Thwomp, the next character will be able to proceed. The second character will operate a spider-like mobile that requires pushing either the A or B button, and holding up or down on the controller at the same time. The last character will control a Bullet Bill boat by rapidly pushing the A button. The character or team that crosses the finish line first wins the mini-game.


Single Player

  • N64 Stick - Move

Three Players

Player in paddle boat

  • N64 A+N64 B (alternatively) - Paddle

Player in spider mecha

  • N64 Stick up +N64 A, then N64 Stick down +N64 A, then N64 Stick up +N64 B, then N64 Stick down +N64 B - Operate mecha

Player in Bullet Bill boat

  • N64 A (repeatedly) - Accelerate
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