Ribbon Road is a racing track in Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Mario Kart 8. It is the second track in the Star Cup. The entire road is made of a giant stretch of ribbon in the sky, and isn't good for traction. Adding this to the fact that most of the stage doesn't have any boundaries to stop players from plummeting to their doom, making the track quite tough to complete.

There is also a shortcut that can be used in all modes.

Mario Kart 8

MarioKart8 GBARibbonRoad.png

This track is brought back in the second Mario Kart 8 expansion pack, as the second track in the Bell Cup. Of tracks brought back from earlier games, Ribbon Road is one of the most drastically overhauled. Rather than taking place in the sky, it now takes place in a child's bedroom.

The track has also gotten new scenery, such as swinging mushrooms, and Woolly Yoshi Amiibos hidden in the background, as well as an anti gravity section and a glider section.

Off the starting line, the track goes around a 270 degree turn, part of a toy castle. It then goes over a jump and into another toy castle, themed after Bowser. The track color changes from red to green and makes a 270 degree turn counterclockwise, with racers encountering windup Mecha Koopa hazards. The track then makes another jump, back over itself, and into another toy castle, this one themed after Rosalina. This section of track is an anti-gravity segment and is colored blue, and also ripples. After a long segment in anti-gravity, the track goes through a glider segment, with racers navigating between Jack-In-The-Boxes before landing, and then making a set of right turns back to the finish line. The music is remastered to the surf-themed music, but has some similar notes, but played faster.



  • The Water Park poster can be seen from the section of Bowser.