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Rhythm and Bruise (ピコピコモグラたたき Beep Beep Whack-a-Mole?) is a Rhythm minigame in Super Mario Party.


The players pose with their hammer on two arms. The metronome ticks and the red arrow points downwards.


Rhythm and Bruise gameplay.

The objective of the minigame is to hit the mecha-Monty Moles within the rhythm of the song. If the player times the hit, the player earns three points. If the player hits the mecha-Monty Moles too early or late, the player earns one point. If they do not hit the mecha-Monty Moles, the player earns no points. The yellow light on the circles may help the player's timing.


The winner does their victory pose while other players sulk.


  • Joy-Con (L) - Strike

In-game description

Sound Stage

"Slam the moles!"


  • "Slam the moles to the rhythm!"
  • "Strike when the light reaches you!"


Rhythm and Bruise is a pun of "Rhythm and Blues", "a catchall term referring to any music that was made by and for black Americans" defined by Robert Palmer.


  • If Monty Mole plays the minigame, the players may notice it worrying.

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