Red and Blue Goombas are a pair of Goombas from Paper Mario.


They serve the Goomba King and are under orders from King Bowser to prevent Mario and Goombario from getting to Toad Town. They fail to protect their monarch and later provide a path to Toad Town via detonation of their own fortress.


In battle, being Goombas, the Red and Blue Goombas attack with headbonks. Although their attack power is the same being 1, their HP is not as Red Goomba has 7 HP and Blue Goomba has 6 HP (due to Red Goomba being the oldest). However, during the battle with the Goomba King, both Red and Blue Goomba have 1 HP due to being weakened from their earlier fight.


Despite fighting a battle where both opponents have way more than 2 HP, this battle is straightforward. If it has been kept from earlier, Mario can use the Fire Flower to deal 3 points of damage to the Goombas (though it would be better to have Goombario use it since Mario can already hit hard with his Power Jump badge). It is recommended to focus on taking out Blue Goomba first since he has lower HP then attack Red Goomba. During the second battle, it is very simple to attack the Goomnut tree which will send a large Goomnut on top of the Goomba King and Red and Blue Goomba's heads taking out the latter two on the first turn.


Goombario's enemy tattle: {{{name}}}
This is Blue Goomba. He's the younger of the two notorious Goomba Bros.
Max HP: 6, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
As you heard in his little speech, he's one of the Goomba King's men. He doesn't look that healthy. He's weaker than his brother.
Goombario's enemy tattle: {{{name}}}
This is Red Goomba. He's the older of the two notorious Goomba Bros.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
The Goomba King ordered him to try to stop you. You can take this guy, no prob. He has just a little more HP than an ordinary Goomba.