The Red Jar is a key item that appears in Paper Mario.


The Red Jar can only be obtained after accepting one of Koopa Koot's many favors. Koopa Koot seeks this rare item and sends Mario to Dry Dry Outpost to get it. In order to get the Red Jar, Mario must head into Little Mouser's Shop and buy a Dusty Hammer, a Dried Pasta, another Dusty Hammer, and a Dried Shroom all in that order to receive the Red Jar. After giving it to Koopa Koot, the old Koopa Troopa awards Mario with three Star Pieces.


  • The Red Jar is the last item that is needed to give to Koopa Koot hence ending the favor sequence for good.
  • The way to get the Red Jar is done in a similar method to see Moustafa.
  • The Red Jar can be obtained even before accepting Koopa Koot's request.