Red Bones are red Dry Bones. They are not as strong as Dry Bones, but are stronger variants of Dull Bones.


Their behavior resembles that of another of the Bones family; the difference being that Red Bones frequently regenerate more Dull Bones, making battles cumbersome. Red Bones are fought only twice in the game, and both must be fought. One can be found in Hooktail Castle and another is within the Palace of Shadow's Riddle Tower.


"That's a Red Bones! A little TOO red, I think. No fashion sense, y'know? Max HP is 5, Attack is 3, and defense is 1. Unlike your average Dull Bones, even if you pound it to 0 HP and it crumbles... It totally might revive! Like a zombie! My advice is to get rid of all the Dull Bones, then attack the Red Bones.


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