Red is a character that appears in Super Paper Mario. He is the older brother of Green and lives around Yold Town.


Red resembles Mario in appearance being a short, chubby man (a Flip-Flopian to be exact) that wears a red shirt.


As Mario and Tippi head into Red's house just before Yold Town in order to get the bridge lowered, they noticed he isn't there. Somehow, Red had gotten himself stuck in the 3D dimension. Mario can free Red by using his Flip ability to get him back into 2D. Red is pleased but then asks Mario what his favorite color is. Answering "red" will have Red lower the bridge into Yold Town. Answering "green" will cause Red to kick Mario out of his house. However, Red will give Mario another chance to answer. This makes Red the more friendlier of the two brothers as Green will kick out Mario out of his house no matter what choice he picks.

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