Really Gnawty is the fourth boss who appears in Donkey Kong Country. Really Gnawty is a giant Gnawty who is located in the world Gorilla Glacier.

Really Gnawty resembles Very Gnawty, with the exception that Really Gnawty is brown and jumps farther.

When Donkey and Diddy jump on Really Gnawty, it jumps very high in the attempt to crush Donkey and Diddy while stalagmites fall from the ceiling (feature is exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version). When Really Gnawty is pounced on once, Really Gnawty pounces once. When hit two times, Really Gnawty does it twice, etc. After each hit, Really Gnawty jumps further and quicker. The Kongs must repeat these steps four more times to defeat Really Gnawty so the two can move on to Kremkroc Industries Inc.


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