Super Mario RPG Statistics: Raspberry
Raspberry's sprite.
Location(s) Marrymore
Health Points (HP) 600
Attack 70
Defense 20
Magic Attack 30
Magic Defense 30
Weaknesses Jump
Dropped Item None
Psychopath Message "Congratulations"
Dropped Coins 0

Raspberry is the lower half of the Bundt cake and a boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


In battle, the Raspberry is much more aggressive than the Bundt and is capable of using strong moves like Sand Storm. Mario and co. should attack it normally. Like with Bundt, Raspberry is weak to Jump attacks so Mario should stick with good moves like Super Jump. After taking enough HP, Booster suddenly appears in the battle and eats the Raspberry finishing it off for good.

Special Attacks


  • Raspberry is one of few bosses not to have any official clay artwork.
  • Raspberry shares the same Psychopath thought as Bundt.
  • Raspberry is the only boss to be defeated by another boss.