Rango is a member of the Broodals that can be fought in Super Mario Odyssey. He functions as the Bouncer. His boss fights are in the Lake Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom and Dark Side.


Judging from how he is described in his Dark Side Kingdom, Rango is the Broodals's bouncer. He is also their best hat-handler. His bio also shows him to be a bit of a scatterbrained person, but his skills with his boomeranging hat make up for more than this penalty.

He also seems to have some control over his hat when he throws it.


Rango is the tallest Broodal. He is dressed in a white button up shirt, red bowtie and a yellow hat with a blue spike ring around it.


Lake Kingdom

Rango's first battle with you is rather easy. He tosses his hat at you. You need to toss Cappy back at his hat to flip it from a spiked end to the soft, flower-ish end so Mario can jump on top of it. When you jump on his hat you are propelled in the air spinning. You need to land on Rango's head whilst he is trying to find your location. Repeat 3 times to defeat Rango. Every time you do this he gets into his hat and jumps around the arena in rage (except for the final hit, of course)! After the boss fight, you receive a Multi Moon.

Snow Kingdom

He is fought a second time in Shiveria. This time, Rango tosses out two hats, instead of one, but the fight is otherwise unchanged. After the boss fight you receive a Power Moon.

Dark Side

He is fought for the third and final time in Dark Side's Broodal Boss Blitz, and is the last one to Broodal to be fought out of the five.

Dark Side brochure

Rango, the Bouncer

Best hat-handler on the team.

He's not the most focused, but Rango is a valuable player on the Broodals team, always coming through in the end. A master of his boomeranging trampoline hat, he can throw it both straight and curved with almost unnatural control over the way it flies. On the other hand, he sometimes zones out a bit and looks confused. That's your chance to counterattack!


  • Like Spewart, he doesn't panic or get stunned whenever Mario turns his hat into a trampoline.
  • He bares a striking resemblance to Goofy from the Disney series.
  • Based on some of his speech mannerisms (e.g. pronouncing "you" as "yer") and "hyuk" laugh, he seems to speak with a Southern drawl.
  • His razor-rimmed hat throwing could be a reference to Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat.
  • Like with Spewart, fighting Rango is not required to beat the game (other than in the Robobrood.)
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