Random Ride is a mini-game that appears in the game Mario Party 5.


The characters will be participating in a racing event that involves choosing five different vehicle to ride: a flower, a magic carpet, a pirate ship, a cloud ship, and a Cheep Cheep flier. At the beginning of the mini-game, Koopa will ask the character that is currently in fourth place (depending on the number of stars on the Scoreboard) to choose a vehicle first. Koopa will then redirect the character to a screen with the five vehicles above. Next to each of the vehicles is a description of how confident each vehicle feels about the race. The vehicles with positive descriptions have a higher chance of winning the race, while vehicles with negative descriptions have higher chance of faltering in the race. However, picking a vehicle with a positive description does not mean it will win the race all the time, as it is random. Once the characters select their vehicles, the race will begin. Their vehicles will fly across a huge ocean. Along the way, the vehicles have a chance of either breaking down or getting knocked out by the Bullet Bills that are fired from the opposite direction. The character that crosses the finish line with their vehicle will win the mini-game.


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