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The Rambi Rider is a kart that appears in the Mario Kart series. The kart is based of Rambi the Rhinoceros from Donkey Kong Country. equipped with a wooden box and large tires. It is the DK Jumbo's successor from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

In the Mario Kart series

In Mario Kart DS

The Rambi Rider debuted in Mario Kart DS as one of Donkey Kong's karts in Mario Kart DS, the others being the Standard DK and the Wildlife. The Rambi Rider is the third heaviest kart in the game, only surpassed by Wario's Dragonfly and Bowser's Tyrant. The Rambi Rider features good Speed, Drift and excellent Items, whilst it has low Acceleration and Handling. In terms of hidden stats, it lacks in Off-Road and Mini-Turbo capabilities.

Its weight is equivalent to ROB-LGS, and its items stat is shared with all other characters' heavier karts.

Bowser and Princess Daisy can use the Rambi Rider once the player completes all 150cc Nitro or Retro Grand Prix cups, and all racers can use this kart once all cups in the Mirror Mode have been completed.

In Mario Kart Tour

The Rambi Rider as it appears in Mario Kart Tour.

The Rambi Rider is confirmed to appear in Mario Kart Tour, as part of the Jungle Tour. In this game, it is equipped with Red Monster tires from Mario Kart 7.


Rambi Rider
MKDS Rambi Rider.png
Class Heavy
Speed 73
Acceleration 43
Weight 89
Handling 30
Drift 74
Items 100


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