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Raini and Raz are Toads that marry each other in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Raini has fuchsia spots on her head and wears a blue dress. She and Raz live in the Mushroom Kingdom, a large town built near Princess Peach's Castle. When Mario first comes to the Mushroom Kingdom, Raini tells Mario that she and Raz are going to get married. Unfortunately, the peaceful city gets invaded by Mack, a member of the Smithy Gang.

Raini and Raz's Wedding

After Mario and his newly obtained partner, Mallow, defeat Mack, Raz and Raini tell Mario that they are going to get married in Marrymore.

During their wedding in Marrymore, Booster comes in and kicks everyone out so he and Peach(in the game she is called Toadstool) can get married. After Mario saves Peach, Raz and Raini finally get married. You can see them on their honeymoon on Yo'ster Isle.