Rainbow Road on Mario Kart DS is the only Rainbow Road to feature a Loopty-Loop. The Music on this track is a mix of all the previous Rainbow Roads Music.


  • Straight away Boost Pads will propel the player along the track, on to a spiraling left turn. It's hard to drift up there, so instead the player should take advantage of the Boost Pads all the way up. There are ones on the left, the middle, the right and finally on the left again. The path then flattens out and turns right slightly, to a loop. The player will progress onward and through the rings, drift right, drop down and move right slightly and drift the next left. The player should then drift the long right and on to the booster corkscrew, a small right and a wide drift to the left so the race may be finished.
  • Placing and firing items on the loop and corkscrew that knock other racers off of the track will make them fall upward, due to the unique camera angles.
  • Using a heavy class character could be considered advantageous since heavy class characters can knock other racers off of the unguarded sides of the course, and are also harder to knock off the sides themselves.