Rainbow Road is once seen again featured in the last cup as the last race in Mario Kart 7. It's music is remixed version of the Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road music. Unlike its past appearances, this Rainbow Road takes place in a more realistic space environment, having rockets and planetoids in the background, complete with visible sun from a distance and a part of the track taking place in what appear to be a moon.

Like Wuhu Loop and Maka Wuhu, the course is driven into three sections rather than laps.

The first section includes a turn then a broken track with five jumps and then a jump on a mushroom platform skin to those found on New Super Mario Bros. series.

The second section involves a bit of hang-gliding and then landing on the rings of a planetoid (which resembles planet Saturn) before gliding again. After a few more ramps and turns the player will come across a wavy road with holes in it similar to Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road. The moon is right below it, so the player will land safely on the moon when he/she falls through one of the holes. The moon is even complete with low gravity, and there are rolling Chain Chomps which can knock the player over if he/she isn't careful.

The final section starts with a rotating tunnel which has boost pads moving along with it. The end of the tunnel includes boost pads or blue pads that allow flight. The blue ramps send the player through golden star hoops that give him or her a speed boost. Asteroids are also nearby as obstacles. Finally, there is a deep turn; similar to Wario Shipyard's turn, but much longer.


  • This is the only Rainbow Road that has always had one lap. Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road does not count, since it had three laps in the original version.
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