The Rabbit is a minor character that appears in Donkey Kong 64.


The Rabbit is a yellow rabbit that wears a red and white shirt with the number 1 on it and blue sneakers.


The Rabbit is first seen near his house in Fungi Forest. He heard somewhere that Lanky Kong was a fast runner and challenges him into a race. For the first race, the Rabbit was much slower than Lanky as the Kong easily defeated him at normal speed. The Rabbit, not wanting to go down easily, refused to give the Golden Banana to Lanky and gives him three Banana Coins instead. Later, once Lanky has gotten his Orangstand Sprint ability from Crystal Caves, the Rabbit challenges Lanky to one last race where he runs much faster this time. After Lanky wins again, the Rabbit is forced to give Lanky the Golden Banana.

The Rabbit is encountered again in Crystal Caves inside of an igloo past Chunky Kong's switch. The Rabbit has somehow been tied to a TNT Barrel and Chunky must defend him from the Flames that try to reach him. After Chunky does so, the Rabbit rewards him with a Golden Banana.

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