RC Shroobers are Shroob enemies found in Yoob's Belly in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


In battle, RC Shroobers can use their antennae to command different vehicles to attack the bros. The number of antenna a RC Shroober has when it attacks determines which attack it will use.

If the RC Shroober uses two antennae, it will summon a flying saucer, which will try to beam either Mario or Luigi up. This attack can be countered by using the hammer to hit the flying saucer while being beamed up.

If the RC Shroober uses one antenna, it will summon a Shroob mobile bomb which will continually move in a circle while trying to hit Mario and Luigi until it explodes on its own. If either Mario or Luigi jump on the bomb, it will malfunction and hit the RC Shroober instead.


  • HP - 78 (80)
  • POW - 63 (60)
  • DEF - 41
  • Speed - 35
  • EXP - 26 (36)
  • Coins - 8


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