Queen Nimbus is a character that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Queen Nimbus, along with King Nimbus, are the rulers of Nimbus Land. During the events of the game, Queen Nimbus and King Nimbus were captured by Valentina and her forces and are locked away in a room in their own castle. Valentina then planned to have Dodo pose as Prince Mallow and marry her allowing Valentina to become the new ruler of Nimbus Land. Fortunately, Valentina's plans were twarted by the real Prince Mallow and his friends. Queen Nimbus and King Nimbus then congraulate Mario, Mallow, and the others and give them access to Barrel Volcano for the final Star Piece. At the end of the game, Queen Nimbus is seen with her husband welcoming Mallow back into their family as prince.

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