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Queen Jaydes is the Queen of the Underwhere, the place where you go when your game ends, and she decides whether you stay in the Underwhere, or go to the Overthere, the place one goes if they were good in life. She and the Underwhere appear in the game Super Paper Mario.

She rules over the Shaydes, the people who live in the Underwhere because they were bad. She also has helpers, or minions, called D-mans. Queen Jaydes is the wife to Grambi, the king of the Overthere. She encounters Mario when he consults her about not being dead and just being sent here by the evil Dimentio.

She finds this to be true and then discovers the stone pure heart. She tells Mario to give her the pure heart and that she will send him back to the Flipside if he finds Luvbi, the queen and king's daughter Nimbi.She also tells Mario that a man in green fell in the Twyxx RIver, Which you find out to be Luigi. Once you find Luvbi and Luigi you consult the Queen and she thanks you for finding Luvbi and she also gives you a now restored pure heart and sends you back to Flipside. Later once you go through the purple door you find that it leads to the underwhere. You go back to talk to the Queen and she tells you to go to the Overthere and talk to Grambi, the King. She also asked you to take Luvbi with you. At the end of the story the Queen show up in the Overthere and finds out what happened she tells the gang that Luvbi is actually the last pure heart, that they changed into a Nimbi and called her they're daughter.

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