The Puzzle Plank Galaxy is a galaxy that appears in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a medium-sized galaxy, featuring its own unique soundtrack and a Hungry Luma. The galaxy heavily utilizes the Ground Pound mechanic, to defeat enemies and to solve puzzles (hence the name). The bosses of the galaxy, Mandibug Stack and Bugaboom, return from Super Mario Galaxy.


The Puzzling Picture Block

This is the only main mission of this galaxy. The Puzzling Picture Block starts out by placing you on the Starting Planets, where Mario must Ground Pound the middle of the planet to move into the area below. He can then find a Launch Star to go to the Pound Pillars Planet, where he must solve a puzzle to move on to the Wood Road Planet. The saws will cut off parts of the planet, so Mario must go as fast as possible in order to stay on the platforms. After he has done this, he can finally reach the Puzzling Picture Block, and when he solves the puzzle there, he will be confronted by the Mandibug Stack. Defeating them will grant Mario a Power Star.

Purple Coin Shadow Vault

This mission is only accessible, until completed, when a Purple Comet is in orbit. Mario starts the mission by entering the pipe leading to the Shadow Vault, where there are 100 Purple Coins that need to be collected. This is no easy feat however, due to there being a large number of Cosmic Clones trying to stop Mario. If Mario is careful and does not retrace his steps, he will obtain all of the Purple Coins, and then a Power Star will appear.

Bugaboom's Back

On the Pound Pillars Planet, there is a Hungry Luma that asks to be fed 70 coins. However, there are only 72 coins found on the planets up to this point, so Mario must explore very thoroughly to find them. Most of the coins are found by collecting 2 ? Coins. Once Mario has met the requirements, the Luma will transform into the Wood Island Planets and Bugaboom's Planet. Mario can then use the Cloud Flower to traverse the planets, and then fight Bugaboom to claim a Power Star.

Green Star Missions

All three Green Stars can be found on the The Puzzling Picture Block mission.

Green Star 1

The first Green Star is found on the Starting Planets. Mario should go around the planet to find a trampoline, with a ? Block and a Green Star above it. However, if Mario hits the ? Block, the Green Star will be unaccessable. Mario has to be careful and land on top of the ? Block, then backflip and Spin to obtain it.

Green Star 2

This one is found on the Wood Road Planet. Before the tall plank is cut down, Mario can execute a Triple Jump followed by a Wall Jump to obtain it. If the plank is cut down, it is not impossible to reach the star, but much harder.

Green Star 3

Also found on the Wood Road Planet. Near the end of the section, Mario must deliberately wait for the saws to cut the platform, as the Green Star is hiding underneath. Mario can then fall right onto it.


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Starting Planets

Pound Pillars Planet

Wood Road Planet

Wood Rest Planet

Puzzling Picture Block

Shadow Vault

Wood Island Planets/Bugaboom's Wooden Planet


  • Oddly enough, once the Hungry Luma is fed 70 coins, it will transform into three planets rather than one: the Wood Island Planets as well as Bugaboom's Wooden Planet, however, it could be possible that they're all the same.
  • In the original Super Mario Galaxy, Bugaboom is fought with the Bee Mushroom instead of a Cloud Flower.
  • In the E3 2009 trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the scene showing the Puzzle Plank Galaxy, the Comet Medal in this galaxy is not present. A 1-Up Mushroom was on the wooden platform instead.
  • On the cover of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Dash Yoshi is seen running around the Pound Pillars Planet in this galaxy, even though neither Yoshi nor Dash Peppers ever appear in this galaxy at all. However, this may have been just for show as there are instances on other game covers depicting characters in areas they aren't found in-game.

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