Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. is a game available for download on the 3DS. It follows similar mechanics of regular Puzzle & Dragons Z games, including an overworld and story.


One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Orbs suddenly started to appear around Peach's Castle. Mario was invited to the castle in order to observe the Orbs. However, when he arrives, Peach has already been captured by Bowser and his minions. A nearby Toad gives Mario a letter from the Koopa King himself, daring the plumber to follow him to his own castle. The Toad also explains that Kamek is abusing the power of the Orbs, causing the entire Kingdom to overflow with them. Then he and Mario decide that using the Orbs' power themselves was the sure way they could save Princess Peach.


The game plays similarly to other games in the Puzzles and Dragons franchise, you have a 6x5 board of different orbs that you can drag around, the types being Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark, and Heart. Your goal is to match 3 or more orbs to deal damage or heal with Heart orbs, and to clear as many in one turn. The more combos and orbs you clear, the more damage you will deal. Matching 5 orbs in one combo will turn that attributed attack into a Mass Attack, which will hit all enemies that are currently alive. If you manage to clear 7 combos, you will be rewarded with a Super Orb, which deals 3x as much damage that multiplies with itself. Successfully clearing 10 combos will not only give you another Super Orb, but will also cause any enemies defeated within this turn to drop their Rare Items if they have any. You can move as many times as you want within a timeframe, which starts at 5 seconds but can be altered by certain skills and awakenings. Each stage has a number of battles you must clear, each battle having different sets of enemies that must be defeated in order to move on, and the types of orb vary from stage to stage. Whenever you defeat an enemy, at the end of the encounter they will give you EXP and Coins, and any items they may have dropped. At the end of each stage is a boss fight against more powerful foes, beating the boss will clear the stage, your score will be tallied up for your Skill Points, (Average combo and Rare Item count) Speed Bonus, (How fast you cleared the stage) and continues used, and then the next stage will be unlocked if it was your first clear of the stage. Some stages have secret exits, these require you to create orbs that normally don't show up in the stage, requiring the use of skills to get to these levels.




  • The music for the world maps in these are mostly remixes of New Super Mario Bros Wii world map themes except for World 2's, which is completely original, and World 8, which is the music from New Super Mario Bros U's eighth world.

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