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"Zero? ZEEEERO? Not even a single Purple Coin? You must have done that on purpose! That might impress some, but this old bag of bolts doesn't take kindly to that kind of stunt."
― The Purple Coin Host (Dreadnought Galaxy) goes on a rant if you get no Purple Coins.

The Purple Comet Host of the Dreadnought Galaxy is a character in the Super Mario Galaxy series. He made his debut in the first game and appeared again in the sequel. Like the other Gearmo does in the Battlerock Galaxy, it hosts the Purple Comet of the Dreadnought Galaxy.


Mario has to navigate his way through the Dreadnought's Cannon Fleet Path while scooping up 100 Purple Coins. The first 99 coins are on the path itself, while the last one is found on the Sling Star trail leading to the entrance to the Gravity Corridor. The Purple Comet Host will either chide Mario for not getting 100 purple coins or give him a Power Star depending on the results.

The Purple Comet Host makes his next appearance in the Tall Trunk Galaxy, at the end of the Trunk Slide. When Mario reaches him, the Gearmo comments on how well Mario did. If Mario gets 100 purple coins, he gets a Power Star. If his total is less, Mario loses a life.


  • During his rant in the Dreadnought Galaxy, the host calls himself an "Old Bag Of Bolts", possibly for comedy.


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